A $500 million development that calls for more than 2,500 houses, 1,500 multifamily units and commercial space is in the works for fast-growing Southeast Austin

The developer is Houston-based Hines, an international real estate firm. Its partners are Vancouver-based Trez Capital, based in, Dallas-Fort Woth-based Caravel Ventures and Tokyo-based Sumitomo Forestry.

The project — which is being called Mirador — will be developed at a cost of more than $500 million, according to Hines executives. The company said financing is in place, but did not provide additional details.

The Hines-led development group said this week that it has closed on the sale of the 1,400-acre site for the project. The property is bounded in part by Pearce and Wolf…

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Austin homebuyers have been through the wringer in the past year—tales of offers well over asking price, sales in under an hour, and months-long supply chain shortages have become commonplace in the city's cutthroat housing market. So it's perhaps no surprise that many homebuyers are looking for greener pastures as they stake out large empty lots along the city's outskirts.

After casually searching for a home for years, Austin influencer and blogger Jane Ko experienced the pandemic housing surge firsthand when she found an empty lot near the airport in the summer of 2020. Stretched thin by high demand and limited supply, Austin's median home prices had already reached a then-record of $435,000 in August of that year, while new inventory grew by…

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With the new year clocking in, we asked for some crystal ball predictions about the one thing all Austinites, rich and poor, think about: housing.

The big picture: Where and how we live remains a central question amid Austin's influx of wealth.

The folks at home listing site Zillow say that if you're set on a bargain, look to the smaller cities outside of Austin.

  • Home buyers want to live in sunny states, but price hikes in markets like Austin make less expensive nearby markets more attractive. The Sun Belt region, including Austin, should expect another big year, according to a Zillow outlook.

What they're saying: "From April to August, Austin held the top spot in quarter-over-quarter home value growth, which is a good indicator of…

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Key Points

  • Home prices have soared but still present a bargain relative to other areas -- for now.
  • Those areas include Silicon Valley, a place some major employers are leaving for Austin.
  • A burgeoning population underpins the argument that a buy now will pay off later.

Austin, Texas, fell from the No. 1 spot in 2021 to a predicted No. 10 in 2022 on Zillow's list of hottest housing markets in America. Tampa, Florida, has assumed the top spot, but Austin is still a very robust market.

The capital region of the Lone Star State has seen explosive population growth, the most of any large metro area in the United States from 2010-2020, according to the U.S. Census, swelling by a third in 10 years to nearly 1 million in the city itself…

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Austin's housing market is booming. The market reflects what is happening in other major cities across the country. While activity appears to have slowed slightly in recent months, Austin's residential real estate market remains extremely hot, with prices increasing significantly over the last year. Austin real estate remains a seller's market, owing to low-interest rates, strong in-migration, a rapidly recovering local economy. In November, the Austin housing market continued its record-breaking pace.

Despite a calming trend, it is still on track for a record-breaking year. While home sales in the Austin-Round Rock metro area fell 4 percent, the median sales price increased 29 percent year over year to $470,000, setting a new November record. A…

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There is a new update to the Homestead Exemption Law. 

Starting January 1, 2022, homebuyers will be allowed to file for exemption in the year they purchased the property - previously homebuyers had to wait until the following calendar year to file. 

This is great news for homebuyers who can now have the opportunity to lower their property taxes! 

How does this affect prorations? 

Previously, prorations of taxes between the Buyer & Seller, and reserves needed for the Buyer's new escrow accounts, were estimated using the homestead exemption because it was in place until the end of the year. Now, a Seller can buy a new property and move their exemption to that new property immediately. 

Source: Patten Title Company 

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