A view of the Ander project’s frontage along West Anderson Lane. Image: STG Design

TOWERS Austin writes, "Here’s a completely true thing you can say that will greatly irritate many people: Condos are pretty rare in Austin. Although they’re the boogeyman of choice for locals lamenting the relentless march of time, the fact is that the vast majority of new multifamily residential construction in Austin delivers apartments for rent, rather than condos for sale. Of the thousands upon thousands of new housing units constructed in the region since the start of the pandemic, condos make up about five percent or less of that total, and this isn’t great news for first-time homebuyers, since condos are often significantly less expensive than detached single-family homes.

The reason developers tend to prefer apartments over condos is all…

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The transformation from Montechino to Riviera at Lake Travis isn't just a change of name — it’s a bold new vision GETTY IMAGES

Austin Business Journal shares, "Welcome to Riviera at Lake Travis, where Texas charm meets unparalleled luxury living. Emerging from the acclaimed Montechino development, Riviera represents the pinnacle of lakeside opulence in Lago Vista, Texas, under a dynamic new management.

A new name, a new chapter

Riviera at Lake Travis represents more than just a name change — it’s a bold new vision. With fresh leadership guiding our transformation, we are introducing a level of refinement and attention to detail that reflects the finest Texan tastes. Riviera is not just a place; it’s a destination. Here, every sunset over Lake Travis inspires a lifestyle deeply rooted in luxury and comfort.

Opportunities for industry professionals

  • Prime real…

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Lockhart is home to over 15,000 people, according to recent population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. ARNOLD WELLS/STAFF

Austin Business Journal reports, "Over 1,400 rooftops are slated to rise south of Austin as the city of Lockhart continues to grow.

Lockhart City Council on June 18 approved the addition of a 472-acre municipal utility district, called Juniper Springs, from Houston-based Perry Homes to the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, a move that required the ETJ to be expanded by 88 acres.

The new MUD would allow 1,428 homes to be built on the western edge of Lockhart along State Highway 142, officials said during the meeting. That amount of homes could result in dramatic population growth for Lockhart, a city that's attracted big projects and industrial development in recent years.

Lockhart’s growth over the past decade-plus has been muted, rising…

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Austin had the most concessions, or renter perks, among the top 10 locales. Photo by Megan Bucknall on Unsplash

CultureMap Austin writes, "College grads living in Austin already have a lot on their minds this summer with job searching and career building, but at least they won't have to worry as much about where to put down roots: Austin is the No. 10 best U.S. market for new graduates in 2024, according to a new report by Zillow.

Zillow compared the rent affordability, job market, and demographics across the 100 largest U.S. metros to determine the best housing markets for recent graduates.

Although Austin is an obvious choice to live during college, it may surprise some that the economics checked out for sticking around after graduation. San Antonio did even better at No. 4. The Alamo City's real estate market has dramatically improved as a prospect for…

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Austin Business Journal reports, "American homeowners continue to build significant equity even as the housing market has slowed and home prices aren't rising as rapidly as they did in recent years.

U.S. homeowners with a mortgage pulled in $28,000 in equity gains on average year over year in the first quarter, the highest amount since late 2022, according to CoreLogic Inc. That average year-over-year increase of 9.6% translates to a collective gain of $1.5 trillion and means net homeowner equity totaled more than $17 trillion at the end of Q1.

The implications behind homeowners' gains in home equity are varying, but the gains seen since the Covid-19 pandemic ultimately mean homeowners are gaining wealth, said Selma Hepp, chief economist at…

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Downtown and the rest of the city are, once again, very different. Courtesy photo

CultureMap Austin shares, "A new real estate report confirms something that Austinites pretty much already knew: The city of Austin saw a significant increase in housing prices among U.S. cities within the last decade, with median home prices skyrocketing up to 87 percent.

The report by online real estate database PropertyShark analyzed median home sale prices in 41 of the most populous U.S. cities and locales in 2014 and 2023. According to the study, the median sale price of a home in Austin in 2014 was $287,000. A decade later, median housing prices in the city nearly doubled, landing at $538,000 in 2023.

Demand for housing increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when "millions of office employees suddenly shifted to working from…

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San Antonio, Texas, USA skyline. (SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images)

Yahoo! Finance writes, "Real estate prices surged nationwide when the pandemic hit. Bidding wars, all-cash offers, and contingency removals became commonplace.

Now, the tide has turned in some markets.

Home prices in some large US cities declined in April, according to mortgage data company ICE Mortgage (ICE). San Antonio and Austin in Texas, and Tampa, Florida — among the most popular cities during the pandemic — saw the biggest monthly price declines.

The shift comes as these markets recalibrate: Homesellers and house builders are adding more listings, just as fewer Americans are relocating there.

“The key differentiator we're seeing in terms of growing inventory levels in Florida and Texas is a rise in sellers' willingness to list their…

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A theme throughout the residences and amenities is design that "feel private despite their scale." Rendering courtesy of DBOX for Austin Capital Partners

CutureMap Austin writes, "One of the most scenic pieces of real estate in Austin is in an area many locals would never have visited. High up in the hills above Lake Austin, it's accessible by a switchback road tucked into 2,000 acres of protected land beyond some existing residences and offices. Soon, residents will also be able to travel by air-conditioned funicular — a European cable car — transforming this escape 380 feet above the lake into a quasi-alpine retreat: the Four Seasons Private Residences Lake Austin.

The Four Seasons and and Austin Capital Partners have taken their time to get every detail right before breaking ground on the 100,000 square feet of private amenities. In 2021, the Four Seasons unveiled the plans (with slightly…

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Redfin.com writes, "Austin, TX is a city that defies expectations and embraces its own distinct identity. From its vibrant music scene to its eclectic food culture, Austin is a melting pot of creativity and innovation. As you wander through its streets, you’ll discover why it’s considered one of the best places to live in Texas. If this sounds like somewhere you might want to live, read on to find out what else Austin is known for.

1. Live music scene

Austin is celebrated as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” This title is supported by the city’s flourishing music scene, boasting over 250 live music venues. Iconic venues such as the Continental Club and Antone’s host performances nightly. Additionally, the city’s annual music…

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Austin Business Journal shares, "The Austin-area housing market has reached a stalemate between buyers and sellers — and that's allowing much-needed inventory to catch up and prices to hold steady.

A few years ago it was common for some parts of Central Texas to have a week or two of housing stock. Home inventory in May was clocked at 4.9 months — 1.5 months more than a year ago. It's a level of inventory that hasn’t been seen in 13 years, according to the Unlock MLS report on the Austin Board of Realtors website. Housing experts often say six months of inventory is representative of a healthy market.

“The good news is that we are moving toward a more sustainable level of inventory, which will provide price stability for sellers and more choices for…

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