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Experts say we're still in a seller's market, but homes are taking longer to sell and are being bought for less than the original list price on average.

KVUE AUSTIN, Texas — "Prospective homebuyers can start breathing a little easier, according to new data from the Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR).

ABoR reports that, in September, home sales declined 18.5% to 2,992 closed listings as active listings were up 162.4% to 9,671 listings. That's the highest number of active listings in the area since July 2011, according to ABoR.

"Homebuyers have not had this much leverage and this many options in over a decade," said Cord Shiflet, 2022 ABoR president. "We’re still in a seller’s market, but as homes take longer to sell and are being bought for less than the original list price on average, and with inventory steadily increasing, right now is a great time to be a homebuyer in Central…

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Fall Housing Market (Getty Images) writes that, "Although the fall season is traditionally the best time of year to buy a house, homebuyers out there right now might not feel that way—and for good reason.

We looked at the latest real estate statistics in our column “How’s the Housing Market This Week?” We found that this year’s seasonal high point for buyers is up against some strong headwinds—including skyrocketing interest rates, soaring inflation, and overall economic volatility not seen since the Great Recession in 2008.

“Early fall is usually the best time to buy,” says® economist Jiayi Xu in her analysis, adding that the most optimal window of opportunity for homebuyers nationwide just passed last week.

However, she continues, “as inflation…

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A home, available for sale, is shown on August 12, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — "The number of homes for sale in the Austin metro area is the highest in more than a decade.

A total of 9,671 homes were actively listed in September across the five-county area — the highest number since July 2011, according to the September housing report from the Austin Board of Realtors.

The number of active listings is up more than 160% over last September.

Meanwhile, home sales declined in September. Just less than 3,000 homes were sold last month, down 18.5% year-over-year.

“Homebuyers no longer need to move at a frantic pace to find a home,” said ABoR President Cord Shiflet. “There are more homes to choose from and more time to find a home that works for their needs and budget.”

The median home price across the…

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What will happen next in the real estate market is unknown, as prices may continue to grow at a slowing rate, they may plateau or they could decline. (Getty Images)

U.S. News reports that, "for just about any homeowner, talk of falling home prices can spark panic. With homeownership being the major financial and personal investment it is, there's a natural anxiety that comes with any potential threat to that investment.

However, housing market activity to date does not show a year-over-year decline of home prices – at least not yet. While some data sets show small month-to-month home price declines, month-to-month data is more volatile and does not signal a drastic shift in the market on its own.

There is a marked deceleration in home price growth due to a combination of already high home prices, high mortgage interest rates, low housing inventory and economic uncertainty on a larger scale.…

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Is the Rental Market Beginning To Normalize? Priced-Out Tenants Sure Hope So (Getty Images) writes, "renters haven’t had much good news lately as landlords have jacked up monthly rents to previously unthinkable amounts across the country.

However, the rental market may be returning to something more seemingly normal. In September, the median monthly rent in the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas dropped for a second straight month, to $1,759, according to a recent report from®. That’s $12 lower than last month and a $22 drop from the peak in July.

Rents were still up 7.8% from September of last year. However, it’s the lowest year-over-year price increase since May 2021.

The report looked at apartments, condos, townhomes, and single-family homes advertised for rent in September on in the 50 largest…

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A view of downtown Austin from Zilker Park in August. MIKE CHRISTEN/ABJ

Austin Business Journal writes, "a new report challenges the idea that investing in more affordable housing developments yields lower returns than luxury apartments — bringing added weight to a local fund that aims to maintain cheaper housing.

The report from Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin finds that moderate-income rental housing is a viable and profitable investment for those seeking to support a fund that embraces environmental, social and governance principles, or ESG.

Supported by Affordable Central Texas Inc., which controls a low-cost housing fund in Austin that has raised tens of millions of dollars, and the Wells Fargo Foundation, the study aimed to define a profitable asset class called…

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Getty Images / writes, "higher mortgage interest rates have taken a battering ram to the housing market.

Since the start of the year, mortgage rates have more than doubled. They’ve blown past all expectations, nationally exceeding 7% by some estimates. The possibility that rates could continue to rise has struck fear into the hearts—and bank accounts—of many stressed-out homebuyers.

The simple, and dispiriting, math: Every time they tick up, fewer buyers can qualify for loans—and those that do often can afford to buy only much cheaper homes.

So how high could rates go? The answer depends largely on how the economy fares. If inflation persists, the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep raising its own interest rates and mortgage rates will likely follow…

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Buyer Bargains: Here Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where Home Prices Are Dropping the Most Right Now

According to, "The inconceivable is happening. After two-plus years of unimaginable and seemingly inexorable growth, home prices are falling from their heady peaks over the summer.

The reason: Higher mortgage interest rates have thinned out the ranks of buyers who can still qualify for a home loan and sharply reduced the price of the homes the remaining few in the market can afford. Gone are most of the frenzied bidding wars and six-figure offers over the asking prices. Homes are now sitting on the market longer, inventory is piling up, and sellers—at least in some markets—are cutting prices.

Ironically enough, they tend to be the areas that fully dominated the real estate market during the COVID-19 pandemic, with big influxes of new…

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Texas appears at No. 11 on American Home Shield's list of the states with the biggest houses. Photo courtesy of Zillow

CultureMap Austin writes "If everything’s bigger in Texas, that should include our homes, right? Well, a new study shows homes in the Lone Star State are among the biggest in the country — but not the biggest.

Texas appears at No. 11 on American Home Shield’s list of the states with the biggest houses. In Texas, the average home is 2,170 square feet, well behind top-ranked Utah (2,800 square feet).

But don’t despair, fellow Texans. Six Texas cities, including Austin, land on American Home Shield’s list of the top 20 major cities for home size. This list looks at average home sizes in the country’s 50 largest cities.

After reviewing more than 500,000 U.S. home listings from Zillow, American Home Shield concluded that Austin's average home…

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Image by Lisaphotos195 via Pixabay

According to Multi-Housing News, "Novak Brothers Development has broken ground on Rise510, a 301-unit luxury garden-style component of its master-planned Wolf Lakes Village development. The community will be located in Georgetown, Texas, with construction expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

Rise510 will be built on 12 acres of the 164-acre European-inspired village, and will host a mix of apartment homes and townhouses, according to the developer’s website. The development’s amenities include a fitness center, swimming pool, community park and private, resident-only parking spaces. The greater Wolf Lakes Village hosts landscaped park space, private lakes, an outdoor amphitheater, hiking trails and an ice-skating rink. The community’s…

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