Frankie & Danielle Hajj

Frankie & Danielle Hajj

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You made it to this page because you’re buying or selling a home in the happiest ranked city in Texas - Austin! So let’s talk Austin - the fastest growing US metro, ranked one of the sunniest cities in America (huge bonus because seasonal depression is real!!) & it’s the top food city in Texas (breakfast tacos… need we say more?!).

What does that mean for you? With Austin being crowned the fastest growing city among the top 100 US metros, it pays to have agents with first-hand knowledge of the nuances that accompany moving to Austin. This is where we come in. Meet Frankie & Danielle Hajj - the most fierce sister real estate duo in all of the Lone Star State. By way of California, these sisters have brought their west coast flair (and over 55M+ in sales in under 7 years) to Austin!

Rich in history and charm, Austin is inevitably changing. And while it will never lose touch with its roots, the future of the city lies in the beauty of what’s to come. As luxury Real Estate Specialists, our fresh lens is key to being a successful player in the ever-changing landscape that is Austin real estate & benefits both locals and transplants. Today’s market moves fast - but we move even faster.

As agents who understand and connect with the unique buyer pool that makes up the Austin market, our rolodex stretches across the states and we can personally touch the out-of-town buyers others may not have access to. Our approach to real estate is propelled by forward-thinking strategies and a “no-stone-left-unturned” attitude that ensures our clients squeeze the maximum potential out of every transaction.

Breathing life into the saying “two is better than one,” we deliver an unparalleled five-star customer experience, working around the clock to ensure all of your needs are met. Working with us means zero missed opportunities.

About Us: As Tarrytown residents, we find ourselves frequenting Mozart’s for a coffee fix, Ladybird Lake or Barton Springs for a nature fix, and South Congress for a shopping fix! Frankie has a BA from the University of San Diego with a background in Public Accounting and Danielle has her BA from the University of California, Berkeley with a background in Public Health.

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