"Michelle & team are super easy to work with. They are always on top of everything and really quick to answer questions. We have now bought 2 places and sold 1 with them over the last 5 years. They know the market and will not steer you in the wrong direction. We highly recommend their services."

Justin Rish

"After not having much luck with another realtor, we decided to switch gears and reached out to Todd to help us buy a home. Within a week of contacting Todd, we were in escrow and could not have been more ecstatic. We appreciated the responsiveness and thoroughness of Todd and his team. Using Todd and his team definitely made a difference and helped us to buy a home!"

Christine Chang

"It's always a pleasure working with Todd and Michelle. They make the home buying process easy and simple. They provide a comprehensive checklist of action items and deadlines as well as help with every step in the process."

Ian Desmond

"Todd and his team, as always, provided expert knowledge and were immediately responsive to any needs or requests. I have used them exclusively since buying a home in the Lakeway/Austin area back in 2012.  I highly recommend them."

John Lowe

"The entire group made a seemingly daunting process smooth and streamlined. They had an answer every step of the way and stayed proactive in ensuring that all necessary deliverables were being handled in a timely manner."

Andy Daidone

"A highly professional, friendly, and smooth experience with expert advice and timely responsiveness. Working with Michelle and Caitlin has been a great pleasure. The whole process from Day 1 to Closing Day, including searching for property, visiting selected units, making the offer, and negotiating and navigating the closing experience has been painless and extremely helpful. Highly recommended."

Saad Saleh

"We have used Michelle Jones on five property transactions in the Austin area. She has done an amazing job, whether representing us to buy or sell a property. She has some of the best local knowledge that we have come across and is always a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend using Michelle for any real estate transaction in the Austin area, and look forward to working with her again!"

Joe Bob Edwards

"Very professional and thorough. Todd always provides properly vetted buyers and was considerate of our time. He was very helpful during both buying and selling property."

Alan Kane

"We had a great experience with Michelle and her super helpful and kind team. Not only did they go above and beyond throughout the entire process, they were extra helpful and supportive since we were out of state for most of the process. We have already recommended them to other buyers and will continue to do so."

Monica Murray

"If you are looking for an honest, hardworking, approachable, knowledgeable, non-pushy, easy going, good listening, home magician...this is your person. We crossed paths by accident after countless pushy internet realtor emails, phone calls, texts, etc. rubbed me the wrong way. Todd was incredibly receptive, prompt, concise and honest...but never pushy or had ulterior motives. This is an incredibly fine line to walk, yet he makes it look easy. No matter my schedule (difficult work hours and for awhile, different time zones), you could count on a near immediate response. Sometimes, I wondered if he ever sleeps."

"More importantly, his responses were short, helpful and honest. I wanted a realtor that wouldn't only be a 'yes-man.' I find this another very difficult position to be in while often times having an opinion opposite me, as I am stubborn and nearly 'know it all.' Todd finds a way to wield his wisdom and often times tell me what I needed to hear in order for my family to find the 'right house', not to find the 'first house' without offending anyone or just agreeing to avoid the topic all together."

"His knowledge of the area is incredible. My wife and I would scour the internet every night, looking for a new house on the market that would fit our family. Each time we found anything, we would call Todd. He already knew the home, neighborhood, pluses, minuses, commute, etc."

"I wouldn't ONLY recommend Todd to other's in the future, I already have. My parents are moving here from out of state to be near the grandkids and the first thing I told them when I heard that they were beginning their search was to look no further for a realtor. Five stars aren't enough. Call this guy. He will find your home, not just some house."

Jeff Wood

"Michelle Jones is the epitome of a professional real estate agent. We have worked with her on several deals, and she is always on top of every detail ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience. Her depth of experience and exceptional communication skills make her a powerful ally to any buyer/seller. I highly recommend Michelle and her team to anyone seeking an agent who is a cut above the rest!"

Jennifer Riley

"We worked mostly with Michelle to sell our home in Spicewood, TX. Probably the best real estate selling experience I've ever had, or even thought was possible. At every stage of the process, Michelle's professionalism and knowledge of the high-end market made what would normally be a very stressful time much more tolerable. If you are in the market for the very best in a real estate professional, I could not recommend Michelle and Todd more highly!"

Joe Nipko

"Michelle and Todd were absolutely unbelievable to work with throughout the whole process—from start to finish. They answered all of my many questions as a first-time homeowner whenever I had them in a very quick manner and were extremely kind and knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and timely people to work with!"

Tony Turnquist

"Todd is a true professional and very knowledgeable about the market. He helped navigate a difficult sell and was thoughtful, patient, and knowledgeable in completing the transaction. We would use his services again if the opportunity arises."

John Irvin

"We worked more closely with Todd, but the whole team was great. Todd was knowledgeable and very responsive (including over the holidays) and helped guide us to a great outcome. We trusted his judgement in negotiating and it led to a better outcome than if we had not had his guidance. Highly recommend him and the team!"

Erica Von Pechmann

"Michelle was a professional and outstanding agent. After years of getting nowhere with previous agents, Michelle was recommended and I switched. Michelle dealt with and negotiated a very difficult high-end residential property. She got it closed and was very thankful."

Dan Benditz

"Todd was fantastic. He represented us when we bought our house in Westlake. He and his entire team were patient, very very responsive which I appreciated, and helped guide of through the process. I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so."

Callon Nichols

"Michelle, Caitlyn and the entire Jones Team staff were excellent. We found the house we had only dreamed of and were guided by the Team the whole way. We had continuous updates on the status and reminders when things needed to be done. No stress. They handled it all. I'd give 10 stars if I could. Thank you."

Judy Kent

"My husband and I cannot say enough awesome things about Michelle Jones! We found her online and she had impressive reviews and they were all absolutely 100% on point with the service you receive with Michelle."

"We were visiting Austin from New Jersey for a weekend and had to squeeze looking at real estate into a short period of time. We really needed to find a house that weekend and move quickly, given our needs. I think we were pretty demanding and given the short timeframe, Michelle managed to schedule us to view over 25 homes in a day and a half."

"Prior to our visit, she would send us suggestions and very nicely weigh in on those 'we found on our own online searches.' She was always super patient and guided us every step of the way. She told me that she really likes to get to know her clients to make sure she is directing them and giving them the best guidance in selecting a home and area that best suits their needs. Well, she certainly did that and in the end, she actually selected the house we ended up purchasing. And I say it that way because she ended up knowing us better than we knew ourselves in terms of what we "thought" we would like vs. what we actually liked."

"But it didn't stop there...my husband actually had to leave town for business, and so I had to close on my own and get settled in the house on my own the first week. Michelle was there every step of the way. She helped me during the closing, guided me through all of the standard "house" set up (the stuff we all forget about—water, garbage, internet, etc.). She had an answer for any question I posed. We moved one month later after selecting our house, which if you've bought a house before, you know that is no easy feat! And I will tell you, that is because of Michelle - she was on top of every single thing including the schedule with our lender."

"We moved to Austin not knowing anyone or never having been here before. So that can be a bit overwhelming as well but once we moved, Michelle's kindness and support didn't stop at the house sale...she has introduced us to people and to neighborhood connections where we can get involved. This has made our move and settling into our new home and neighborhood super easy and we have already made friends and feel connected! I honestly cannot say enough great things about Michelle and above all - thank her so very much for finding us the house of our dreams where we can enjoy this wonderful life!"

Donna Gagnon

"I had an excellent experience working with Michelle Jones throughout the purchase of our vacation home. Her professional advice, negotiations, attention to detail and follow through made our home purchase experience very smooth. I would highly recommend Michelle for any home sale/purchase in the greater Austin area."

Craig Hawkins

"Todd Grossman and Michelle Jones were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. They knew the market extremely well, and made great suggestions for how to not only price the home, but how to show the home."

Steve Fiscella

"Michelle is experienced, well spoken, knowledgeable, excellent at marketing and driving traffic, and a wonderful person. If you need an agent, call her!"

Mike Sullivan

"Todd and Michelle are exceptional Realtors. They both know the Austin area incredibly well from two unique perspectives. Our home buying needs weren't easy at all and they helped us navigate the whole thing and had our back the whole way. They were always available for questions and did everything they could to make this process smooth."

Adam Findley

"Michelle has been our (Buyer's) representative since 2017. We bought our primary home in Lakeway with Michelle's help in Spring 2017, and the entire process was as smooth as it could be. Michelle was thorough and diligent, and the entire buying process went on like clockwork. Being an engineer, I like to scrutinize everything and Michelle's patience with my pickiness was truly appreciated. Above all, we valued her honest opinion pointing out flaws in our choice of homes, which otherwise we would have overlooked."

"So it was a no-brainer for us to have her represent us again in the Fall of 2020, when we went looking for a home for one of our parents. The absurdity of 2020 Austin housing market is well-known and need not be repeated here. Being cautious buyers, we missed home after home to bidders, cash-buyers and investors. We made fair offers that we knew would not likely be accepted due to the absurdity of the market. Michelle and her team had to do a lot of paperwork making our offers fully knowing that all that paperwork was likely going to be wasted, yet not once was there any expression of annoyance. They were there to represent the buyer and that's what they did as professionals."

"We finally found a decently-priced home that was to our liking in a good neighborhood. Michelle and team ensured that contract paperwork, home and septic inspection, following up with the seller on repairs, coordinating on financing and closing—all these steps went flawlessly. The work was more involved given that our seller was self-represented. On the topic of repairs, Todd suggested hiring an inspection company, which turned out to be an excellent choice."

"I'd like to end by saying that the fact that in the red hot housing market of Austin in Fall 2020, we were able to buy a well-constructed home in a good neighborhood for a decent price (below asking price actually) with all necessary repairs done and paid for by the seller is a testament to the real-estate knowledge, skillfulness and professionalism of Michelle, Todd and team. They're an outstanding team and I'd recommend them wholeheartedly."

Mehedi Hasan

"Michelle was recommended to me as one of the best Realtors in the Austin/Lakeway area, and this is absolutely true! She did a great job in marketing my home and managing expectations of both me as the seller and working through the obstacles the buyers created. She is an excellent problem solver and negotiator. She understands the market and knows what needs to get done to close a deal. She communicates extremely well, is very responsive, and is easy to talk to. She gets it! I made the right choice by having Michelle as my Realtor. I too now highly recommend Michelle as one of the Best Realtors in the area."

Alden Stout

"I honestly couldn't speak more highly of Todd and Michelle. This is the 2nd home I have done with them and they are so heavily committed to my ultimate/long-term satisfaction on both occasions. They definitely are trying to make lifelong customers and that comes through in all their correspondence and actions. If you are looking for someone that both operates at the very top end of the real estate market and also will make sure you feel like you are superbly represented in all facets of the process they are without a doubt the best choice you will make. I sincerely mean that."

Jason Havey

"Todd and his team were professional, knowledgeable, and great people to help us through a busy market. They were available at all times, even through the holiday season, and responded quickly at every request. Our purchase took a bit longer than anticipated due to the hot market, but Todd was able to help us navigate to completion. Highly recommend!"

Bo & Betty Nordstedt

"I will definitely be recommending Michelle and Todd as realtors for future homeowners. They helped my parents find their dream home on the lake and helped me find my first home in Austin. I was a little worried to use Michelle since she specializes in luxury homes, but she spent as much time, detail, and attention on me and my home needs! Michelle helped us find our dream home in this crazy Austin market. She understood our budget and what we were looking for and provided us with amazing options in that range. I highly recommend."

Hannah Keating

"Great team, patient with me, my process took months to find land and we covered just about all ends of ATX. I would strongly recommend using Todd and Michelle to anyone."

Rudy Magna

"Well connected to Austin, and great communicators. They have a team that works together well and efficiently. They were knowledgeable about houses before they came on the market, and were able to show them as well."

Amalie Matthews

"Todd Grossman was particularly effective in finding real estate that fell within the scope of my research (price, location, quality of construction, etc.). He also responded when I needed additional explanations when signing the deed because English is not my mother tongue. Furthermore, his past and present availability is of great help to me who lives in Europe and because I am not aware of US/Texas laws. He responds very quickly to any request, whether to make an appointment or other."

"I have very high expectations and he has met them. He is the best and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to purchase or sell a home. Todd Grossman is a reliable man and a great professional."

"Michelle is an extremely knowledgeable and talented agent. She helped us successfully navigate our transaction which involved a contingent sale. I really didn't think our deal would go through, but with her guidance on valuation and tactics, we were able to consummate the deal. Both Michelle and Todd are a pleasure to work with!"

Cliff Williams

"We sold our home yesterday. The home was listed, but never appeared on MLS. Michelle Jones met with the buyers obtained and a full price offer with very few conditions. We could not have chosen better than to have listed with Todd Grossman and Michelle Jones."

John Levy

"So attentive and responsive! They are experts in their field and went above and beyond to help through every step of the process. As a first time home owner, I could not have done it without them. Highly recommend!"

Sue Arminio

"Everyone on the team has a specific role and they are all extremely knowledgeable and efficient. We did this transaction from 2,200 miles away and always felt that we were on top of everything with them carefully walking us through the process. If you are looking to sell or purchase a home in the area, this is the team you want."

Winnie Bush

"These guys are the best. They understood what I wanted and found many houses that fit my criteria. They were also able to get me into homes 2-3 weeks before they went on market so that I could make an offer before it went onto MLS (and in the highly competitive Austin market, this means saving a lot of $$)."

Lingke Wang

"We purchased a town home in Austin, Texas for our daughter. We live in California, and Todd and Michelle were incredibly helpful in finding a property and selling it three years later. We were in California due to coronavirus, and their team had our home cleaned, painted and did everything needed to close the deal. We had multiple offers within days of the home being on the market. I highly recommend Michelle and Todd and their team. Start to finish they did it all! The communication while we were in escrow was flawless. Buying and selling a home with Todd and Michelle was seamless and enjoyable!"

Rachel, Chris & Amanda Werner